Welcome to the TourismFromZero podcast, where we bring you stories about interesting tourism stakeholders in your country and in your language. In each episode we host guests from different walks of (tourism) life who share their exciting tourism experiences of how they move tourism "from zero to hero". 

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#009 - IVA HAFNER, connector - Greeting from my window & Run Friendly World, Vienna, Austria

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LANGUAGE English - DATE September 2020 - LENGTH 47 min - CONTENT:

In the ninth (and the 1st English spoken) episode of the TourismFromZero podcast, Rudi talked with Iva Hafner, who currently co-manages a number of projects with global impact. The latest project in which she is actively involved is called Greeting from my window. During the "Covid months", Iva and her partners have built an online community of over 72.000 members from the countries of former Yugoslavia who share pictures from their homes or from their travels in a Facebook group called Greetings from my window (Pozdrav s mog prozora). They have recently completed their crowdfunding initiative and will soon publish a book covering stories and impressions of their group members. Among other things, Iva is co-founder of a hotel certification called Run friendly hotels. We talked about the still undiscovered potential to attract runners as hotel guests and how to treat them.

#008 - VID KMETIČ, tourist walker - Rajzefiber bureau, Maribor, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE August 2020 - LENGTH 56 min - CONTENT:

Our eighth episode is for all those curious listeners out there! We were joined by Vid Kmetič, a member of the Rajzefiber team from the city of Maribor. He is, as he says, responsible for finding the most interesting stories and the design of the Rajzefiber walks. They are especially known for their festival of walks and their different style of guiding tourists. In fact, Vid and other team members are not ordinary tourist guides. Walks, as they call them, are special because of the stories that even locals do not know about, and especially not ''uncle'' Google. There is no shortage of interesting, juicy stories in any city, says Vid! Their main goal is to encourage the locals to fall in love with their hometown and to recognize its beauty and specialties through their stories.

#007 - JANJA VIHER, tourism entrepreneur - Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Maribor, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE August 2020 - LENGTH 57 min - CONTENT:

We hosted Janja Viher in our seventh podcast episode. Janja has many years of professional experience in tourism. From the public to the private sector Janja has seen a lot! Previously in charge of tourism promotion in the Municipality of Maribor and recently founded the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where she introduces the principles of innovation and sustainable development in the destination regions. While listening, you can feel her passion for tourism and her will to constantly innovate.

#006 - MIHA ŠALEHAR, mountain biker - Trail center, Robidišče, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE August 2020 - LENGTH 42 min - CONTENT:

Miha Šalehar was our guest in the sixth episode. He is a full-time journalist turned tourism entrepreneur. He always had a passion for mountain biking, so he and his friends decided to build their own trail bike park in the most western village in Slovenia called Robidišče. A village that was almost forgotten and unhabituated. With the help of a sustainability-driven team, an awesome bike park and new accommodation units, the local community is slowly coming back to life. Their vision is to create a paradise for mountain bikers and they are well on their way. Their project is proof of the high level of collaboration and solidarity, which is crucial for the development of tourism in such a sensitive area. 

#005 - MATEJA HRVATIN KOZLOVIČ, tourism entrepreneur - Istrian breakfast, Truške, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE August 2020 - LENGTH 46 min - CONTENT:

In the fifth podcast episode, Rudi had an interesting talk with Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovič from a small but beautiful village Truške in the Slovenian Istria. Mateja is an exceptional entrepreneur and has more than 16 years of working experience in tourism. She successfully manages the Holiday houses of Slovenian Istria. With the help of students and mentors from the University of Primorska, she developed a new business model of the Istrian breakfast and she has an important role as a president of the tourism cooperative "Zakladi Istre". They talked about the activities and projects she is successfully developing in the region. She also gave us some insightful tips on how to (not) follow trends and how to manage tourism stakeholder collaboration on your destination.

#004 - ALEŠ KACIN, shoemaker - Alojz Karner Handcrafted Shoes, Žiri, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE July 2020 - LENGTH 42 min - CONTENT:

In this podcast episode, we traveled to the end of the world! Rudi was joined by Aleš Kacin, a shoemaker from the municipality of Žiri, an architect and designer by formal education. Aleš is not a regular shoemaker. With his handcrafting skills, he is reviving and sustaining the rich Slovenian and Žiri's shoemaking tradition. His shoes represent a synthesis of handcrafting tradition, modern design, and the idea of sustainable consumption. In this episode, you will follow the shoemaking process from the measurements to the final product. A boutique experience, which is being presented by Aleš in his workshop, is an important added value to the tourism offer of the municipality of Žiri and the wider region.

200721 LFZ_sq32 You can book and enjoy the above shoemaking experience HERE200721 LFZ_sq32

#003 - NATAŠA DOLEJŠI, button maker - Dolejši Fashion Buttons, Šempeter v Savinjski dolini, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE July 2020 - LENGTH 42 min - CONTENT:

In the third episode of our podcast (in Slovenian) Rudi Medved hosted Nataša Dolejši, owner of the Dolejši Fashion Buttons company (the largest button manufacturer in Slovenia) and president of the Tourism Union of the Municipality of Velenje. They talked about the button manufacturing process and the future of the company and emphasized the importance of industrial tourism for the preservation of certain crafts and traditions. Nataša also gave some examples of the benefits of cooperation between stakeholders in her region and spoke about their successfully managed activities.

200721 LFZ_sq32 You can book and enjoy the above button-making experience HERE200721 LFZ_sq32

#002 - BOGDAN ŠTEH, curator - Virtual Museum of Mining Heritage, Trbovlje, Slovenia

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE June 2020 - LENGTH 42 min - CONTENT:

In the second episode, Rudi Medved hosted Bogdan Šteh, curator of the virtual museum of mining heritage located in Trbovlje, a town with an industrial background on their way to an interesting destination worth visiting. Did you know that Trbovlje has the highest chimney in Europe at 360 meters? Rudi and Bogdan talked about the combination of the virtual/physical experience we can see in the museum and how important it is to stay in touch with the latest trends. Bogdan gave us many reasons to visit Trbovlje.

200721 LFZ_sq32 You can book and enjoy the above virtual mining experience HERE200721 LFZ_sq32

#001 - IGOR JURIŠIČ, traveler - President of the Slovenian Travel Association

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LANGUAGE Slovenian - DATE June 2020 - LENGTH 43 min - CONTENT:

The first episode was recorded in Slovenian language and was hosted by Rudi Medved an MSc student of the UP Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica, and an active #TourismFromZero community member. The podcast was very adventurous. Rudi was accompanied by Igor Jurisic, President of the Slovenian Travel Association, which has been contributing to the development of tourism in his home region, Slovenia and Europe for more than 10 years. Igor is a remarkable traveler who has visited more than 80 countries around the world. He shared many interesting and wild experiences from his travels. One of them is to gather the representatives of the North and South Korea around one table and plant the ''Maribor vine'' (the oldest vine in the world) in both Koreas as a sign of peace. Igor and Rudi also talked about the development of tourism in the Maribor municipality and in Slovenia. Igor emphasized how important it is for tourism actors to collaborate for the common good.