About #TourismFromZero initiative

Before anything else, many thanks for your feedback: 900 and counting! Inspired by the challenges of the pandemic of 2020 and the problems of overtourism in recent years, the aim of the #TourismFromZero initiative is to provide a forum for the exchange of problems and solutions related to travel, tourism, hospitality, and leisure.


Tourism service providers, destinations, cities, universities, ... can receive unique #TourismFromZero survey codes to learn about concerns, ideas and solutions within their customer and partner communities; while sharing them with the world through our website.

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The purpose

We want to:

  1. Hear from everybody that is negatively or positively affected by the sudden 2020 drop in travel, tourism, hospitality, and leisure activities.
  2. Analyze this feedback and post it anonymously and aggregated on this website.
  3. Collect from respondents and co-develop solutions from findings.
  4. Post solutions and best practices on this website for all. Solutions that work in Brazil might also apply to Austria and vice versa.
  5. Rekindle tourism, travel, hospitality, and leisure activities in an economically viable and responsible way.

From zero to hero

Who and what are we looking for:

  • As a RESIDENT, what are the consequences and opportunities of travel restrictions and less travel to your area?
  • As a TOURIST, how does COVID-19 affect your current and future travel plans – if at all?
  • As a HOTEL, RESTAURANT, TRANSPORTATION, ATTRACTION ETC. business or employee, how are you affected and – if any – what solution are you putting in place?
  • As a CONVENTION CENTER, TOURISM OFFICE (CVB, DMO, RTO etc.) what are you faced with and how do you respond to bring tourism back?

The #TourismFromZero initiative is the result of an international collaboration between academics and tourism stakeholders. All insights will be shared anonymously and in an aggregate manner. European GDPR rules apply. The data will not be sold, but will be used by participating academics and professionals to work with their stakeholders to get our industries “from zero to hero”.

#TourismFromZero initiative

The #TourismFromZero ...

... are made possible by the constant help of our dedicated mentors, volunteers, coordinators and supporters.