The #TourismFromZero' family is joined by another endeavour supported by the initiative UP FTS sTOUdio Turistica (led by students and mentors of the University Primorska, Faculty Tourism Studies - Turistica) and the founders of the start-up #LocalsFromZero. The new TFZ member is called #WineFromZero and its goal is to help local winemakers and bring them innovative solutions to enhance their business in these difficult times.

Below you can read all about our first online sTOUdio weekend #WineFromZero, s successful implementation of an online collaboration between Slovenian winemakers and the students of UP FTS Turistica.


sTOUdio weekend WineFromZero 2020

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 of November 2020, students from the University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica organized an interactive online sTOUdio weekend #WineFromZero 2020, which was intended to bring together tourism students with Slovenian winemakers and mentors.



At the event, groups of students addressed business challenges presented by wine producers and wine tourism organizations:

Lecturers and mentors helped the student groups to solve the challenges:

On Sunday the students presented the proposed solutions to selected challengers and received various awards for their efforts (and depending on the degree of satisfaction of the challengers with the solutions presented): from wine bottles to invitations to tastings, travel and business meetings to overnight stays in vineyard cottages.

In addition to the prizes, all students received sponsorship packages (goodie bags) in the mail before the event, which helped them to overcome the creative tension as they contained a variety of goodies, gadgets, energy drinks and tablets.

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Based on selected voices of mentors, winemakers and organizers, the UP FTŠ Turistica Student Council and the online platform for local experiences #LocalsFromZero awarded a special prize for the best solution to the challenge.


The student part of the organization team of the sTOUdio weekend WineFromZero 2020 is also actively involved in the mentioned #LocalsFromZero platform. Thus, student event organizers with their own management experience could also become involved as mentors for peers with their own experiences in the establishment of their own start-up - which only this month became a protégé of Business Accelerator Katapult from Dewesoft.

In addition to the search for future business relationships between students and winemakers, new connections were also made between the two "from zero" projects - WineFromZero and LocalsFromZero. Both projects are supported by an international team of experts and organizations that have founded

With all these connections and new insights, the winemakers, participants and organizers agreed that we are living in difficult times for winemaking and tourism - but that the recipe for survival and further sustainable development lies in a half-full (and not half-empty) glass of good wine and positive energies!

The WFZ conclusion and future are as follows:

During the uncertain Covid 19 period, students conducted a professional and motivating online event for the tourism industry, which was praised by challengers, mentors and numerous sponsors. All mentioned are eager to continue working together, so the team will continue to search for "from zero" intersections. You and your region are also more than welcome to participate - write to or state your next "from zero” idea at